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Join our new STEAMspace program to get involved in engaging, interdisciplinary projects that promote student creativity. STEAMspace is part of our SmartSpace@NIU program, which focuses on creating eLearning communities. STEAMspace encourages participants to collaborate online in community-based art and literacy projects, as well as to share and discuss their productions with one another. Our activities integrate art and technology that address STEM topics and meet the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), National Educational Technology Standards (NETS), and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) standards for K-12 learners. We love showcasing exceptional student work and encouraging students to inspire one another. Let’s get creative!





Through SmartSpace, students can participate in fun, interactive educational activities that allow them to voice their creativity, experiment with new technologies, and collaborate with peers with similar interests.

Educators can use SmartSpace to access valuable resources for teaching and learning, participate in professional development opportunities, and become part of the SmartSpace community, sharing ideas and resources with others. Teacher candidates get hands-on experience with teaching and learning in a virtual setting while receiving expert advice and feedback from experienced educational professionals.

Community members are invited to take advantage of our library of resources, online modules on a variety of topics, and various educational offerings. One of the key objectives of SmartSpace is to build a community with virtual learning at its heart, and we welcome the community to become part of it.

STEMfest 2013 was lots of fun. Green screen pics are now available.

STEMfest 2013 Green Screen Pics