P-20 Task Force Goal 1: Increase Student Achievement

    Improving Reading and Writing through the Creation of Art

    NIU College: College of Education; Department of Teaching and Learning
    Location: Clinton Rosette Middle School, DeKalb, IL
    Level: Grades 6 - 8

    Many students who are not meeting academic expectations may be struggling in the classroom because their learning styles do not fit the teaching strategies used. Many students may require a more visual approach to learning. Utilizing art into the classroom could help to meet the learning needs of visually focused students and help to improve academic performance.

    Dr. Meryl Domina is working with a local middle school to assist them in integrating art-making into reading and writing classroom activities. The purpose of these art-based activities is to help students connect creativity and imagination to the acts of reading and writing as well as increase their motivation to learn.


    Fall 2009

    • Establish partnership with site participants.
    • Deliver art lessons integrated into reading and writing activities.

    Spring 2010

    • Continue to deliver art lessons.
    • Collect assessment data.
    • Continue school partnership.
    • Present data at research conferences in late spring, early summer.